Viginti Tres

I need to watch things die, from a good safe distance.

I feel like Hannibal Lecter today.
 Seriously,guys. I feel like a psychopath today. So that means,that soon I'm gonna annoy some ugly slut. Fuck yeahhhh.
Yesterday,I realised something. THAT I FUCKING LOVE MY ACTUAL FRIENDS. Rlly, I love you guys.Well,it's not like I can't live without you, but w'va. I am proud that I have friends like you, and I got rid of all the ugly bitches and all of the lame ass cunts.
Awww yeaaahh.
So today,I'm feeling evil. Beware. 

Omg I'm so fucking happy.
 Finally, after waiting all the day, MY  TURQUIOSE HAIR DYE&BLEACH KIT from Stargazer ARRIVED .
I'm sooo fucking happy right now <33333333333 and that's why I'm acting like a fucking retard. But who cares.


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