Viginti Tres

I need to watch things die, from a good safe distance.

Angsty as fuck.
 Okay today I remembered about  an ugly fat bitch. I swear, I won't die, till I see that abomination DEAD. And rotting. And been eating by rats and vermin. Awww yeaaa. So she's that type of bitch, that acts all depressive and inoccent, just for people to kiss her in her ass! And just because I'm not like that, I've lost a lot of slaves...I mean"friends". Yes,they were friends to me,untill they have talked with HER, and they are actually some stupidfucks who believe her lies.So now they're just slaves.
I don't need you, ugly and stupid cunts.
I feel so strong and fucking determined,and I was serious about what I said at the beginning.
I'm gonna make your sorry ass pay, once AGAIN.


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