Viginti Tres

I need to watch things die, from a good safe distance.

New look!

 I bleached my streaks, and soon I'm going to wash my hair. And then, later I'm gonna dye them TURQUOISE.
Can't wait.   
Pictures with my new turquoise-black hair coming soon!

Omg I'm so fucking happy.
 Finally, after waiting all the day, MY  TURQUIOSE HAIR DYE&BLEACH KIT from Stargazer ARRIVED .
I'm sooo fucking happy right now <33333333333 and that's why I'm acting like a fucking retard. But who cares.

I feel like Hannibal Lecter today.
 Seriously,guys. I feel like a psychopath today. So that means,that soon I'm gonna annoy some ugly slut. Fuck yeahhhh.
Yesterday,I realised something. THAT I FUCKING LOVE MY ACTUAL FRIENDS. Rlly, I love you guys.Well,it's not like I can't live without you, but w'va. I am proud that I have friends like you, and I got rid of all the ugly bitches and all of the lame ass cunts.
Awww yeaaahh.
So today,I'm feeling evil. Beware. 

Angsty as fuck.
 Okay today I remembered about  an ugly fat bitch. I swear, I won't die, till I see that abomination DEAD. And rotting. And been eating by rats and vermin. Awww yeaaa. So she's that type of bitch, that acts all depressive and inoccent, just for people to kiss her in her ass! And just because I'm not like that, I've lost a lot of slaves...I mean"friends". Yes,they were friends to me,untill they have talked with HER, and they are actually some stupidfucks who believe her lies.So now they're just slaves.
I don't need you, ugly and stupid cunts.
I feel so strong and fucking determined,and I was serious about what I said at the beginning.
I'm gonna make your sorry ass pay, once AGAIN.

Hayyy therrrrrr.
 So I'm pretty new to this Live Journal stuff. I came here because I was pretty bored of blogspot.And because this is my first post here, I'm gonna talk a little(more) about my (perfect)self.  Sooo I'm Danielle, but better call me Eden if you don't know me well.
I won't tell you my age, because it isn't  really important. I'm not really an ordinary person, I'm more of a lonely wolf, since I dislike the human race, and I'm really cold-blooded. I like to be ironic with others, and I have a bitter sense of humour.  I'm not really some mindless vegan, even if I don't eat meat a lot, I am aware that humans are omnivores, not fucking CARNIVORES or HERBIVORES.
I'm a hell of a midget(1,56 in cms) and I'm pretty skinny(49 in kg) but don't be fooled, I eat like a PIG. Yes, you hurd me.
My hair is black atm, but tomorrow I will go turquoise (not really all turquoise),since my hair dye  will arrive then. 
When it comes to music, I must admit that I fucking love it, I can't live without it,so I listen to a lot of music genres,like: alternative metal, avant-garde metal,death metal,psychedelic rock, jazz, metalcore,deathcore,indie,rock
'n'roll,gypsy punk, dowtempo,trip-hop,breakbeat, drum and bass, some industrial,funk,new wave, post-punk.
I have a love for old music,so mostly my music is from the 70's-80's-90's.
So yeah, music is music after all, and I dislike retarded cunts who listen just to one music genre.
I am also very good at death growlings/grunts,because I sing like this since I was 13.  In the future I wanna be a fashion designer, a famous writer and a death metal singer.  
I enjoy life as it is, and I am never depressive, just bored or tired.   
I freaking love animals, even if I hate that PETA shit. I am against animal violence, instead the animal attacked you or you have to kill it to eat it/or to make clothes from it,because that's fucking natural stuff people.
And no, for all you lame ass ecologists, Earth is gonna live, there is NO fucking Apocalypse, you are just fucking lame.
And for today,that's all folks.


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